GoClaim™, the company’s award-winning special education and related service documentation software, streamlines the Medicaid reimbursement process, delivers real-time special education staff utilization data, and helps school districts make faster and better informed decisions.  GoClaim™ requires no internal IT investment on the part of a school district, stores and manages your data, is HIPAA compliant, and has 24/7 support.

We offer technically advanced, but easy to use Medicaid data management and billing solution that works in concert with schools, their administrators, and the health service providers. Our solution includes a technological superiority for capturing, storing, auditing, and electronically transmitting claims for Medicaid reimbursement. The data management module has the reports necessary to provide school districts with tracking of select data entered from a child’s IEP, for compliance challenges.  Additional information for provider staff is also included, such as the records required for licensing, service delivery, and caseloads. Your customized solution provides a simple, readily accepted and complete method of providing your health care staff with the recording and reporting tools required by their profession, while imputing the information necessary for Medicaid claiming. The Medicaid claiming process is therefore transparent to the activities of your staff!

Ease of Use

GoClaim™ features point-and-click data entry for quick and easy documentation of services. Not only can your providers enter individual services quickly and easily, they also have the option to submit for an entire group all at once, saving the district and its staff both time and money! The system is accessible, meaning that anywhere your providers have access to the internet, they can access the system.
GoClaim™ can also be customized based on your district’s needs, all while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. We pride ourselves with the ease of the system, and routinely provide system updates based on user recommendations and feedback.
Information Available

With GoClaim™, you’re able to quickly monitor both compliance and reimbursements. It can integrate all district systems, including, but not limited to, student information systems and electronic IEP platforms. Further, all information that is entered into this application can be exported into a report for comparative and review purposes, or imported into third-party software applications.
Maximization of Reimbursements

The reporting features of GoClaim™ make tracking and maximizing reimbursements easy. In addition to the automated reports that you can elect to receive, GoClaim™ allows for the real-time creation of reports to display the status of your district’s service submission and reimbursements. The reports also provide trending analysis based on your historical and current data, allowing for comparative analysis.

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Medicaid Administrative Claiming is a Medicaid reimbursement program available to school districts in most states. Generally speaking, reimbursements are determined through administrative cost reporting and sampling of eligible staff time throughout individual fiscal quarters. 

A Random Moment Time Study, or RMTS, is a methodology commonly employed by state agencies for sampling eligible staff within this program. eMac™ is our proprietary software used to capture RMTS and financial data for the purpose of developing an administrative claim.

We understand that your internal technology department and staff are consistently strained for time. eMac™, like all of our software solutions, require no technological commitment from departments or staff. Because eMac™ is web-based, selected staff can access the application whenever and wherever they have an internet connection. 

After you begin using eMac™, support is only a phone call away. If you are having a technical problem, have questions related to completing the required information, or simply general inquiries, one of our highly-trained and experienced professionals are ready to help!


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