The Ultimate Guide to School Based Medicaid Claiming

The school setting provides a unique opportunity to enroll eligible children in the Medicaid program, and to assist children who are already enrolled in Medicaid to access the benefits available to them. Understanding the Medicaid claiming process will help your district optimize Medicaid reimbursements and compliance. Our introductory guide to school-based Medicaid claiming will help your district navigate the world of Medicaid by covering the following key components:

  1. What is school-based Medicaid claiming?
  2. The Value of school-based Medicaid claiming
  3. Current trends in Medicaid in education
  4. Billable services from State-to-State
  5. Optimize Medicaid reimbursements
  6. Ensure your district remains compliant
  7. Medicaid in my State
  8. Reducing the burden of paperwork
  9. Getting started with Medicaid claims