Consultation and Customized Solutions

Consulting Services

School districts need an experienced partner to assist them in the management of the intricacies of conformance with state and federal Medicaid regulations dealing with billing practices. One of the primary reasons why school districts miss opportunities to maximize their reimbursement potential relates to a lack of service documentation and proper cost reporting. Not only does this potentially impact reimbursement dollars, but also Medicaid and IDEA compliance. School districts must be able to validate service histories and personnel costs to not only prove that the mandated services were provided, but also that costs we claimed appropriately. Our Consulting Services include an in-depth review of staff and departmental costs claimed, as well as audit preparedness and compliance monitoring. 

Audit Services

We take great pride in preparing and educating our customers to be audit-ready.  We want them to be ready in the event that they are subject to a routine state or federal audit. To prepare them for this, we’ve developed an audit checklist to ensure that they are ready, and continue to be compliant as a participant in the school-based Medicaid reimbursement process. 

We understand the importance of conducting self-audits, and that auditing services do not begin at the time that a district audit is announced. Claims entered are reviewed and analyzed on an ongoing basis to verify compliance. Additionally, our system has an abundance of procedural safeguards and reports to alert us of claims to review. These safeguards and reports serve as a roadmap for areas of weakness that help focus the appropriate scope of the self-audit.  Our team will work hand-in-hand with your staff to remedy any non-compliance findings that need corrective action. 

Unique Solutions

We offer solutions that meet the unique needs of small, rural to large metropolitan school districts. We draw upon our vast experience in multiple states and the ability to serve clients from the smallest to the largest. This shared knowledge, drawing upon experiences with federal and state challenges faced in multiple states, makes Go Solutions the right choice over single-state or single-client billers as your partner in this endeavor.

he solution can be further customized depending on the needs and requests of you, the client. Our adaptive model provides you with increased flexibility in your internal network configuration by having us maintain all necessary hardware, technical support, and the associated infrastructure to support the efficient operation of the special education data management and Medicaid billing process.